about Thrive Co

Thrive Co provides evidence-based mentorship, psycho-education and workshops both in-person and online for all bodies, no matter what size, culture, health level, ability level or gender.

Thrive Co is the home of THE BODY POSITIVE EXPO.

Thrive Co was formally known as The Body Love Collective from 2017-2019.


Thrive Co work is focused on body image, self worth and overall wellbeing. We advocate for non-diet and Health at Every Size approaches to wellbeing.

The work incorporates various practices and activities with the purpose of deepening each person's  self connection, and their ability to meet their own needs and fully align themselves and their decision making with their values.


Statistics suggest that most of us struggle to love our bodies, experience challenges with self esteem & mental health issues, eating disorders. Additionally, we are living in a time where many of us experience intermittent health issues or chronic health conditions that we desire to effectively manage while living full lives.

Thrive Co is a movement for those who know that increased body connection, body love and self love are the solid foundation we need to be our most full-powered selves. 

about Elysia Anketell

Elysia is a Provisional Psychologist, speaker, writer and facilitator.


Her infectious laugh and sparkly disposition combine with her laser focus & determination to spread the message of thriving no matter what body size, shape, culture, health or ability level. 


Her work combines her psychology & mental health based professional experience with her own experiences with an eating disorder and autoimmune condition.

Elysia holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Politics, an Honours in Psychology, and a Postgraduate degree in Community Development. She is also currently undertaking a Masters in Psychology.

Elysia has completed eating psychology training, non-diet approach training and Body Image training with The Butterfly Foundation. She also presents in schools with The Butterfly Foundation.

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