5 week series 

NEXT ROUND October 2019 

A course on self love

 body love &

self connection.

Too many of us dislike our bodies and aspects of ourselves and allow our inner critic to run the majority of our thoughts, feelings and actions.



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body love babe 


I feel an ownership and possessiveness of my own body for the first time, which is bizarre and amazing. I actually have so much love for the parts of me I previously defined as "flaws".


My stretch marks, cellulite and big arms are mine, they belong to MY body.

This body does so many amazing things for me, I love and appreciate it (FINALLY!).  

Elysia provided really practical advice and helped me re-wire my brain to really see myself, learn genuine self compassion, self care and a deep connection with myself

Hi, I'm 

I am a qualified mental health worker, multi business owner, facilitator and speaker.


I have a first-hand experience successfully aligning my own relationship with my body and my self and applying these learnings to my every day life, both in business and personally. 


Six years ago, I was depressed and suffering from an autoimmune disease, an eating disorder, and crippling self doubt. As a result a committed journey of physical and emotional healing, I am now thriving, running two successful businesses, and living a life of full alignment.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Politics, an Honours in Psychology, and a Postgraduate degree in Community Development and I have a decade of experience working across multiple industries from politics, mental health, corporate, and manufacturing.

I am super passionate about supporting people to align their lives fully with their values and support them to play big and effect change on a larger scale while maintaining a robust, unwavering self care practice.



 how it works...

We will meet as a small group of women for 5 Sunday afternoons.


In between sessions we will interact in an online group & do small home tasks for each week to integrate the concepts into our day to day lives.

There will be a mix of times with giggles, play, joy, sharing and sisterhood and also also times where we courageously move through blocks that have been holding us back in our lives. 

WEEK 1. 

the big 'why'

Exploring the deeper reasons why we want to love our bodies. What will body love give us across our entire lives?

Unshackling your connection with the toxic messaging from health, wellbeing & fashion industries and Instagram. Get the updated facts and evidence.

Make self love practical in your everyday life. Learn easeful, quick and grounding self care practices.



movement & self touch

Learn the foundational skills of self and body connection, including grounding self touch and self massage.

Learn to move your body and use freestyle dance as a self care practice, gently and in accordance with your individual needs.

Understand why movement is so important for our connection to ourselves and our bodies.


the people pleaser

Let go of your inner people pleaser and stop it from controlling your decision making (particularly with regard to your work and promotions, and intimate & personal relationships)

Learn how to speak your needs and boundaries without worrying about what people around you think or putting people off.

Understand and work with both your brain and body wisdom.


being seen

Honour yourself, and your individual body exactly as it is, with a guided experience around learning to BE SEEN, deeply connecting with all that you are.


And then experience the ultimate in self-honouring, Self Love photoshoot process with Bea Mazur @beashotthis. 


art play & sisterhood

Express yourself through creativity and reconnect with the part of you that desires to play (even boss babes need joy and play!).

Remember the joy of supporting and being supported by each other. Understand our societal conditioning and tendency towards competition and rivalry

Let go of comparison, and feel confident about your own individual body and self and be supported and championed in your big goals and aspirations.

body love in the real world

Our day will be filled with processes for integrating what has been learnt over the five previous weeks to create lasting long term change to your relationship with your body and yourself.

Elysia naturally holds space in a way that is loving, joyful, and fully accepting of the full spectrum of humanness. Self-love, body love, is the most important gift we can give to ourselves, and through that, the world. Standing in the mirror last night half naked, I found new love for my body just as it is. After seeing Elysia 'strip bare', and noticing that my initial reaction was one of envy, then real appreciation for her body, it has given me new appreciation for mine.

body love babe


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Sunday October 13th

Sunday October 20th 

Sunday October 27th 

Sunday November 3rd

Sunday November 10th


1pm to 5pm 

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hey body love babe.

I really GET IT.


This whole congestion around self love & body love, and I fully understand the disbelief that it is even possible. I've been there, and I'd love to show you that it is. 


I've journeyed the dark side, the self hate, and body loathing. I have experienced the full spectrum of YUCK in this area. Five years ago I was filled with body hate, health issues, a body that felt like it was letting me down, constant negative self talk.

My health and body changed fast, and I couldn't keep up with the changes. It felt like my life was completely out of my control. I hated it, myself, the situation, all of it.


But I woke up one day and decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There HAS to be better out there for me than this.


It occurred to me that we aren't born with body image issues, or self worth issues.

And I started to realised that we aren't supposed to live our lives questioning and critiquing ourselves to the level most of us do.

I remember also being inspired by Turia Pitt who loves herself and her body no matter what situation arose with her full body burns and ongoing surgery requirements. If she could do it, I was going to work out how to!

So I did. 


I've gone from physical illness, anxiety and self hate, hiding from photos, hiding myself from the world



Loving myself and my body in all of its phases and changes, and enjoying being seen (and even dedicating a photo shoot to loving my belly). Setting boundaries, letting go of my inner people pleaser, embracing my shadow parts, and loving myself for who I am right now. 

And I want to share this with you.

It's simple, concrete easy steps.

Self connection as the gateway to self love and body love.


I would love you to join me for the 6 week course

xx   elysia 


ELYSIA - 0431 384 896

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