Do you desperately need to keep your chill, or return to your calm centre over the summer period?
Do you often find that with all the social events, eating, drinking and change in routine that you lose your motivation and feel flat?
Join me for the most no-brainer low cost program I've ever offered, a10 day journey to stay in alignment and keep a high vibe over summer.
Daily topics will include:
- Your Plate Your Business - choosing to nourish your body and eat in alignment with your values (not anyone else's values) over Christmas
- Socialising versus saying no (during what is a quite heavily social time for many) 
- Self care and self connection
- How to love your summer body exactly as it is
- Family interactions and boundaries
- Decrease in inner critic and increase in self compassion 
- How to stay centred and grounded and connected to your values without your usual every day routine
- How to create more joy, play, community and connection with others.
- Visioning, Goal Setting and Manifestation for 2019
There will also be:
- Guided meditations for grounding and calm, as well as peace and joy
- An online sharing circle 
- Live videos, written posts and journal questions from me every day
I'M IN - How do I join?
10 Day Program $50 
VIP Option - $100 
Includes 10 Day Program as well as one individual coaching call with Elysia (coaching valued at $150)

December 14th - December 24th 

Online in a private Facebook group with daily inspo, sharing and activities

Hi, I'm Elysia Anketell

I am a qualified mental health worker, multi business owner, and experienced facilitator.


I have a first-hand experience successfully aligning my own relationship with my body and my self and applying these learnings to my every day life, both in business and personally. 


Six years ago, I was depressed and suffering from an autoimmune disease, an eating disorder, and crippling self doubt. As a result a committed journey of physical and emotional healing, I am now thriving, running two successful businesses, and living a life of full alignment.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Politics, an Honours in Psychology, and a Postgraduate degree in Community Development and I have a decade of experience working across multiple industries from politics, mental health, corporate, and manufacturing.

I am super passionate about supporting people to align their lives fully with their values and support them to play big and effect change on a larger scale while maintaining a robust, unwavering self care practice.

what people say

I feel an ownership and possessiveness of my own body for the first time, which is bizarre and amazing. I actually have so much love for the parts of me I previously defined as "flaws". My stretch marks, cellulite and big arms are mine, they belong to MY body. This body does so many amazing things for me, I love and appreciate it (FINALLY!).  Elysia provided really practical advice and helped me re-wire my brain to really see myself, learn genuine self compassion, self care and a deep connection with myself -- Lauren

Elysia is incredibly loving and supportive, and because you know she supports herself so deeply, it opened me to receive at a new and deeper level. Elysia is a natural at this, her intuition and her conscious wielding of her power and her words make for a very safe container and a leader who simultaneously is part of the journey. 

What is spectacularly magical now, is I SEE and LOVE myself in this exact state. My body is mine, I am my body's... in that state I can handle anything, even journeying through my own shadows. I have seen myself and been seen at a level where it would be impossible to deny to myself again the truth of my own magic. - Ashleigh

I'M IN - How do I join?
10 Day Program $50 
VIP Option - $100 
Includes 10 Day Program as well as one individual coaching call with Elysia (coaching valued at $150)
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