Amy is a mentor, midwife, yoni masseuse and the founder of Temple of She. She creates a space for women to explore their deepest selves through sensuality and deep body connection.

I met Amy in a feminine embodiment course, a place where we got to know the depths of each other's souls incredibly quickly and became fierce supporters and advocates in each others lives. She has been such a source of inspiration for me, as someone who also embraces her body exactly as it is.

It is such an honour to share her words and this stunning image of her today on the Body Love Babe blog.

"This body of mine.

Oh we have been on a journey!

One that is by no means over.

My entire life I was the fat girl.

Primary school, first girl to have boobs.

High school, the big girl who sucked at sports.

I danced, and I always had the biggest costumes.

The dressmaker told me so.

In my 20's I was the curvy girl in my group of friends, always felt lucky if I got male attention in the night clubs.

After the end of my first serious relationship, the weight piled on,

I got older and seasoned with diets, detoxes, fasting and what I should look like.

At every stage, I thought I was huge. Even when I wasn't.

Now at 34 years old, the biggest I have ever been,

I feel like I am finally getting a grip on how this body works. How this body looks, moves, feels.

And most of all how to love it.

After a recent photoshoot where I was holding my breath to see the photos as I knew I wouldn't like the result.

I was stunned.

I freaking loved them!

All of them.

Sure some aren't as flattering as others, but I still love them.

I can see me, the real me, the whole me.

This is me.

My rolls, my cellulite, my booty, my boobs, here I am"

Words by Amy Towle

Connect with Amy and her amazing work Temple of She here

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