I let my body be

-- Poem by me ---

I let my body be.

Let it breathe Remove the shackles I am not contained.

My belly spills Over the edges Outside the lines.

I am big I am free I take up space with my bare skin I speak my truth even when it’s not popular.

My body and I We are united A symbiotic song.

And I am the queen Leader of my own needs This kingdom is my body.

I hear it, feel it, see it

It is allowed to stretch at times And rebound, be round, astound.

It will birth, bend, age, stretch And it will stretch your perspective too.

We are not all the same. There is not just one type of beautiful.

Worthiness comes in all colours.

All shapes, sizes, cultures, ages All abilities and health levels.

All bodies are good bodies. Full stop.

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