Introducing the body love collective

It is time.

After months (actually more like years) of preparing this business, and myself.

Here it is. It is ready.


The Body Love Collective

A movement for women* to reclaim self confidence, let go of negative self talk and be the best version of them.

In a world of constant striving, and a perpetual need for ‘improvement’, I want to show that it is our birthright to honour/love/be okay with ourselves exactly as we are.

No matter what size we are.

No matter what our health status is, or ability status.

No matter what our culture, or gender is.

As we age, change, go through different phases and stages in life.

In any version of us not subscribing to any worldwide societal stereotypes.

We are worthy of love in all of those times, AT ALL TIMES.

It is okay to ALLOW ourselves to BE, exactly where we are at.

Through The Body Love Collective’s upcoming workshops and offerings, women will receive tips and tricks to;

- Stop negative self talk from running the show.

- Know, love and respect themselves fully.

- Prioritise themselves above all others (because this is actually the most selfless of choices)

- Support others from a place of a full self love cup.

- Know what this elusive ‘body love’ feeling actually feels like, and how to get there.

- Know that loving ourselves is not a magic pill we take, it is an ongoing practice, a series of small moments in life where we prove to ourselves that we have our own back.

- Give themselves permission to be one hundred percent them, honour their needs, and live the most fulfilling life possible.


The past decade saw me heal from significant physical health issues, and make massive MASSIVE life changes.

My previous life was as a mental health worker, simultaneously completing multiple university degrees in psychology and community development.

THE BODY LOVE COLLECTIVE combines my background in mental health, creative arts therapy, as well as my own journey with body image and self worth.

I have both extensively studied and experienced first-hand the many varying levels of body hate, self-deprecation, self worth issues, body neutrality, being ‘okay’ with myself, all the way to feeling self love and body love, and being comfortable being photographed naked recently on several occasions. I know it, I’ve felt it. I continue to journey it. I really get it.

And now I want to share that insight with other women.


OH MY GOSH why would I post this photo of me in my underwear?

Because this is my body. And it is perfect exactly as it is right now.

Contrary to societal expectations, it is. And it is worthy of love, of respect, of care.

This photo is a representation of the fact that I completely love and honour my body exactly as it is.

I'm sharing it because I want us all to have the opportunity to SEE more than one body type, to know that WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. And that is completely okay. No one else's body is like ours, and therefore we have different needs for sleep, exercise, nutrition, and what our body needs from us.

92% of us do not like their bodies. We are constantly seeing this concept of a 'benchmark' body, one that fulfils societal stereotypes for health and attractiveness. But for many of us, health and attractiveness looks different for our individual bodies.

I want to see more and more of the different versions of this. If you do too, @thebodylove_co Instagram features humans of all body types, sizes, cultures and ability levels in their individual radiant beauty.


Melbourne-based workshops are coming soon (in September). As well as an upcoming FREE offer to experience some of what The Body Love Collective is all about.

If you want to know more, you can

- Follow my body positive Instagram account (@thebodylove_co)

- Like The Body Love Collective Facebook page

- Sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming offerings.

Women* - the term women refers and includes anyone who identifies as a woman. Programs specifically for male identifying humans (because body image issues are not gender specific) will be something for further down the track :)

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