Over the past 12 months I’ve had an incredible revelation. That when my mind feels out of control, or I’m super upset about something, I start all of a sudden having compulsive dieting thoughts.

Many times while in a highly emotive state, I’ve urgently put myself on a diet, just because I had a yucky situation at my old job or I had a disagreement with a friend.

My immediate subconscious thought was: “I can’t control my outer environment so I’m going to control my body.”

This pattern has been going on since I was about 18, playing in the background without me noticing. And its come up three times this year so far, this past week being an example.

We are trained from a young age to control our bodies, our eating, our movement, our physical appearance. And many of us do have a pattern of urgent controlled dieting because of an emotional crisis. It is so common.

For me, when this happens, I remind myself that I have a healthy, nourishing non-restrictive lifestyle which gently supports my body and mind.

And I remind myself that this desire to urgently diet WILL PASS.

When I’m sad, I need more self compassion, not more restriction and/or punishment.

I soothe myself with the reminder that there is no need to make swift actions on my body care while in crisis mode.

Have you noticed this, or a similar pattern in yourself?

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