An experience for female leaders

 This is for the woman who is ready for the next level.


The woman who is ready for the ultimate upgrade in her work and her wellbeing.


 This is for the woman who has been a goal-focused high achiever since the beginning of time, and it has paid off. 


This woman knows that her ability to effect change in her field at this next level, a higher level than ever before, comes down to creating the most solid unshakeable foundation within herself.

She knows that to own her full power to have the greatest impact as a leader, that it begins with her.



starting february 2019


A live mastermind group  - a highly curated, invitation-only space, with 20 women from various industries (from mental health, engineering, corporate marketing & PR as well as small business owners.)  

16 x Weekly themes with video and PDF content

Live group calls​


4 x individual sessions with Elysia 

Access to The Upgrade online group -networking, collaborations and reciprocal support.


self care


Create an easeful & unshakeable self care practice

Default to self compassion in your everyday life, allowing you to balance competing interests with more ease. 

Increase your connection with creativity and play as a means of self connection and self care.

Explore and implement delegating, receiving support and allowing help both personally and professionally.


Fully align yourself with your role and design your day to include more of the tasks that you enjoy

Explore courage and 'playing big'  and delve into how much impact you can truly have in your chosen field. 

Create a 2 to 5 year plan for your career that fully aligns with all aspects of yourself (physical, emotional, family, relationships, travel, etc)

Introduce your inner rebel to your business and leader self and decrease feelings of imposter syndrome & unworthiness



Let go of unhelpful old patterns, behaviours & stories


Understand the 'people pleaser' in you and how to harness that energy to increase your potency as a leader.  

Decrease the volume of your inner critic and feel more solid in your decisions 


No more burn out


Learn how to communicate with your body & honour  your bodies needs

Unshackle from societies standards and accept your body exactly as it is

Determine the right diet & exercise plan for you as an individual

Balance accepting your body right now, with any changes you may wish to make 

Experience less health issues, headaches and annoying body niggles.


elysia anketell

Elysia is a qualified mental health worker, multi business owner, and experienced facilitator.


She has a first-hand experience successfully aligning her own relationship with her body and her self and applying these learnings to her every day life, both in business and personally. 


Six years ago, she was depressed and suffering from an autoimmune disease, an eating disorder, and crippling self doubt. As a result a committed journey of physical and emotional healing, she is now thriving, running two successful businesses, and living a life of full alignment.

Elysia holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Politics, an Honours in Psychology, and a Postgraduate degree in Community Development. She has a decade of experience working across multiple industries from politics, mental health, corporate, and manufacturing.

She is passionate about supporting powerful women to align their lives fully with their values and support them to play big and effect change on a larger scale while maintaining a robust, unwavering self care practice.



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