THRIVE is a 6 week body image, self worth and wellbeing course.

A Melbourne based in-person immersive experience, designed to support you to thrive in your body and within yourself.


This is a course for all bodies no matter what size, culture, gender, ability level or health level and is anchored in the non-diet & Health at Every Size movement.

next round starts October 2019

thrive babe


" I feel an ownership and possessiveness of my own body for the first time, which is bizarre and amazing. I actually have so much love for the parts of me I previously defined as "flaws".


My stretch marks, cellulite and big arms are mine, they belong to MY body.

This body does so many amazing things for me, I love and appreciate it (FINALLY!).  

Elysia provided really practical advice and helped me re-wire my brain to really see myself, learn genuine self compassion, self care and a deep connection with myself 


How it works...

We will meet in-person as a small group for 6 Sunday afternoons.


In between sessions we will interact in an online community & do small home exercises for each week to integrate the concepts into our day to day lives.

- Informative talks, resource and strategy sharing

- A reference booklet 

- Personalised journal

- Your own Body Love Butter and Self Love Tea supply for home.

- Group exercises and experience sharing

- Creative practices (all art supplies provided)

- Afternoon tea each week

- A solo photoshoot with Bea Mazur (Self Love Photoshoot specialist) including 5 high resolution digital images

- An inspiring group photoshoot practice.


We will combine joy, play and lightheartedness with courageously moving through blocks that have been holding us back in our lives. 

Included in the course:

More details coming soon

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