Work with me one-on-one

Experience individual support with a laser focus  based on your individual body and it's needs.

'thrive' Sessions

This is for you if you:

- know that increased body connection, body love and self love are the solid foundation you need to be your most full-powered selves. 

- are wanting some 1:1 support to get clear on what you and your body most need right now.


you may desire 1:1 support to:

- learn to hear your body, and understand your individual body's language

- decrease stress, body tension and the impact of niggling health issues (fatigue, migraines, digestive issues etc.)

- learn how to best deal with big emotions, and big life situations

- gain support on decreasing the volume of your inner critic

- learn to be motivated and driven to success through self love, self compassion and alignment with your values instead of fear and self doubt.

- reconnect with your body and develop an easeful body connection and self care practice.

- become the CEO of your own needs 

- reclaim your birthright - a state of self compassion, self love and deep reverence for your body and yourself

How does it work?

The sessions run via Zoom (video chat) and are pre-booked at a time that suits you. 

Content of sessions may include psychology-based practices such as mindfulness based intervention, positive psychology and shadow work, and incorporates various practices and activities with the purpose of deepening your connection with yourself, and your ability to meet your own needs and fully align yourself and your decision making with your values.

Hi, I'm Elysia

I am a qualified mental health worker, multi business owner, facilitator and speaker.


I have a first-hand experience successfully aligning my own relationship with my body and my self and applying these learnings to my every day life, both in business and personally. 


Six years ago, I was depressed and suffering from an autoimmune disease, an eating disorder, and crippling self doubt. As a result a committed journey of physical and emotional healing, I am now thriving, running two successful businesses, and living a life of full alignment.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Politics, an Honours in Psychology, and a Postgraduate degree in Community Development and I have a decade of experience working across multiple industries from politics, mental health, corporate, and manufacturing.

I am passionate about supporting people to align their lives fully with their values and support them to play big and effect change on a larger scale while maintaining a robust, unwavering self care practice.


What are the outcomes i can expect?


It varies for the individual but the most common things are;

- more self confidence

- sensation of feeling settled in who you are & having more self-trust

- knowing yourself and your values and choosing to live in alignment with yourself

- better relationships with the people you love (& more easeful intimacy)

- a positive relationship with your body

- a full remembering of who you really are and a deep knowing of your power (sometimes we forget for a little bit) 


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